Best Socket Fusion Welding Machine in 2020

There are many socket fusion welding machine factories and trading companies. Sometimes it’s hard to choose. If you’re a wholesaler , sometimes you will consider how about the quality ? How about their price ? How about their warranty and after-sales service ? Can they delivery the goods on time ? etc.

If you are the ultimate consumer , maybe you have the following questions

  • Is a socket fusion welding machine worth purchasing?
  • What are the advantages of buying this socket fusion welding machine?
  • What factors should you consider before purchasing for the best socket fusion welder ?
  • Why is it important to invest in a PP-R welding machine, especially the best one?
  • What are the good socket fusion welding machine available in today’s market? Or what is the best socket welding device of 2020?

FUYI TOOLS can help you solve above questions. FUYI TOOLS is your best choice. Hangzhou Fuyi Tools Co.,Ltd professionally produce premium quality socket fusion welding machine. FUYI TOOLS treat customers in the same way we wish to be treated. We constantly measure ourselves against customers’ satisfaction.

FUYI TOOLS plastic pipe socket fusion welding machine are hand-held electronic control fusion welder  for heating and joining plastic pipes & fittings including PP-R (Polypropylene) , PB((Polybutene), HDPE(High-Density Polyethylene) with aluminum sockets and spigots.

As well as support on the building site or in the workshop. The machines are composed of quality electric heating plate, electric controller comfortable nylon plastic handles shell. In order to meet customers’ different requirements , FUYI TOOLS prepare 2 series of machines with different sizes and operation. There are different styles for your choice. 

FYF series are based on standard and regular hand-held socket fusion welding machine with a new controller and easy operation.

FYD series are digital socket fusion welding machines. This series add a digital controller and screen. The temperature range can be set according to the different material plastic pipes and fittings. Required fusing temperature can fix and display on the screen, environment temperature will be adjusted and updated automatically, over-temperature will alarm automatically and so on. This provides a more excellent fusing result.

For the installation of accessories for pipe diameters from 16mm to 160mm with socket fusion welding machine. These fusion welders can accurately connect all the brands( Aquatherm , Wefatherm , +GF+ , Pestan, Wavin, BQ ROHRSYSTEME, VESBO, Pilsa etc) of polypropylene pipes and fittings that exist in current market. 

Either the socket fusion welding machine surface details or internal temperature control system we strive to do best. About the surface details you can check as below.


600W socket fusion welding machine we use 1㎡1.5m rubber jacket power cord.

800W , 1200W and 1800W socket fusion welding machine we use 1.5㎡3 m rubber jacket power cord.

Many factories use PVC wire instend of rubber wire.

FUYI TOOLS heating plate of socket fusion welding machine is much longer and thicker. FUYI TOOLS coating of heating plate is firm. Many factories coating of heating plate can be sweep. You can try with your nail. 

heating plate (2)

FUYI TOOLS premium quality sockets & spigots will help you make fusion to socket in the most effective way. For all socket fusion tools, heater bushings are sold separately. All adapters have an anti-stick coating. It’s Japanese Daikin PTFE coating. Each order with Daikin quality report.


Using algorithm PID microcontroller , temperature control system can react faster to the external temperature fluctuations. The temperature tolerance ≤ 2°C.

socket fusion welding machine

We have more advanced test equipment, the test line is designed by our team. FUYI TOOLS is the first factory who have this automatic test line.


Our socket fusion welding machines are thoroughly tested to ensure premium quality. There’s added peace of mind with the FUYI TOOLS 3 years warranty.

So why you should buy the best PP-R welding machine ? Because when you buy the cheap one , it’s cheap , but you need buy again and again. Buy the best one , you can use it for many years.  FUYI TOOLS socket fusion welding machine help you complete your work quickly , easily and profitably , help you do a good job.


Post time: Apr-28-2020

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