Most popular socket fusion welding machine colours

Socket fusion welding machine for joining plastic pipes and fittings. For support on the building site or in the workshop. The socket welder are composed of aluminum heating plate , electric controller , comfortable nylon handle etc. There are 2 series with different size and operation for meeting different requirement of customers. Each series with 20-32mm , 20-40mm , 20-63mm , 75-110mm , 160mm socket fusion welding kit.

2 series are fixed electronic thermostat socket fusion welding machine( FYF) and digital socket fusion welding machine(FYD).

Constant socket fusion welding machine especially suitable for PP-R(Polypropylene) pipes and fittings. The most common method for connecting PP-R pipes and fittings.The set temperature is 260°C.

Digital socket fusion welding machine weld HDPE(High-density polyethylene), PP-R (Polypropylene), PB (Polybutene) pipes and fittings, and they’re characterized by different shapes and working ranges , suitable for different applications. This series add a digital controller and screen. The termperature range can be set as demand of different plastic pipes & fittings, required fusing temperature can fix and display on the screen.Over-temperature will be alarmed automatically. 

The most popular colors of socket fusion welding machine are green , bule , red. Now we start to make orange RAL2004 socket fusion welding machine kit.

Due to the PP-R pipes are green , may customers like green socket welder kit too.

green one

Bule is our company colour , it’s popular colour in the market too. 

bule one

Red is popular too 

red one

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