New Design Electrofusion Welding Machine

This Electrofusion Welding Machine Designed by our team HANGZHOU FUYI TOOLS CO.,LTD. The electrofusion welder with a patent. 

Product Description 

FYEFM200 Electrofusion Welding Machine using advanced PID control technology, making the device output more stable and reliable. Large size LCD screen as man-machine interface, support Chinese / English / Russian/ Spanish languages.
FYEFM200 Electrofusion Welding Machine is the special connecting device used to electrofusion connect polythene pressure and non-pressure conduit. It's a multipurpose low voltage electrofusion machine capable of using any brand of HDPE,PP,PP-R couplers avaiable in the market for transport of gas , water, and other fluids. PPR up to OD 160mm. PP and HDPE up to OD 200mm.

Parameters & Feature

Control characteristics Control mode Constant voltage/ current
Electric quantity constant precision ≤±0.5%
Time control precision ≤±0.1%
Temperature measuring precision ≤1%
Scan bar code Scan 24 bit bar code conform to ISO 13950-2007
Ambient Ambient temperature -20~50ºC
Storage temperature -30~70ºC
Humidity 20%~90%RH,no condensation
Vibration <0.5G, no violent vibration and impact
Altitude <1000m AMSL, when≥1000m de-rate in accordance with GB/T3859.2-2013
Maintenance & Warranty 

Maintenance of the equipment by professional;

Clean dust and sundries on the components;
Check the equipment grounding whether in good or safe condition;
Detection of high-current connection point is in good contact condition, without exception; check other wiring points loose or not;
The equipment which equipped with large-capacity capacitor, check the temperature of the capacitor and check the leakage, bulge phenomenon of the external surface;
When not using the equipment for a long time, you should cut off the power supply.
Device is guaranteed for 12 months against any failure or damage of the device under normal operation.
The warranty period starts from the date of delivery.
Service in following situations will be charged, even if it is within the warranty period:
Damages from fire, water disasters or abnormal voltage
Damage from operation for non-supported functions.
Failures from operation that is not under the guidance
Be sure to keep the sheet, and show it to servicing personnel.
The service charge will be calculated according to actual expenses, unless otherwise specified in the contract.
Should you have any questions regarding warranty, service, contact our agent or our company.

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