Top Window Digital Display Socket Fusion Welder Kit

Top Display Digital Socket Fusion Welding Machine
LED Window Temperature Display 
Normal Color: Green/Bule/Orange/Red
Brand Name: FUYI TOOLS /OEM 

Different Material Pipes and Fittings Fusion Temperature:

PP-R (Polypropylene)  260ºC

PB (Polybutene) 240ºC

HDPE (High-Density Poluethylene)  220ºC

Compared with nornal digital welding machine, this series machines are equipped with a top window to show the temperature.


There are 20-32 mm , 20-40mm , 20-63mm , 75-110mm , 160mm top windown digital socket fusion welding machines in our factory.


600W 20-32 mm socket fusion welding machine as following , the color in the photo is green , we have other colors , such as bule , red , orange , black etc. We can according to your colors to make ppr welding machines. If you want 20-40 mm plastic welder kit , just add 40 mm sockets & spigots . There are PPR welding machines with IPS 1/2" , IPS 3/4" .IPS 1" , IPS 1-1/4"  heating adapters.

20-32 mm ppr welding machine

800W 20-63MM PPR Welding Machine Kit as following . We have other colors , such as bule , red , orange , black etc. We can according to your colors to make ppr welding machines. There are 2" digital socket fusion pipe welder tools kit with IPS 1/2" , IPS 3/4" .IPS 1" , IPS 1-1/4" , IPS 1-1/2" , IPS 2" heating adapters.


1200 W 75-110 MM Socket Fusion Welding Machine Termofusora

75-110 mm ppr welding machine

160mm Pipe Fusion Welding Machine Kit and Butt Fusion Welding Machine


Digital Socket Fusion is the method to join a pipe and fitting together. It's the most popular in the market. The user can according to different material of pipes and fittings adjust the temperatur by themself. The temperature indicate on the LED Screen. "RDY" and "HEAT" indicator Lamp. "HEAT" meaning heating , the light is red. you should wait for the temperature arrive at setting tempearture. "RDY" that meaning ready , the lamp is green, then you can start to fusion the pipes and fittings. 
Digital pipe fusion machine is digital display model. Compared with normal socket fusion machine, the digital pipe welding machine has a window on handle to show the working temperature and buttons to set the temperature. The working temperature can be set between 200 to 290 degree. So the digital pipe fusion machine can be used to weld PP-R, HDPE, PB and other material pipes and fittings. 
1.5square 3 meter rubber electric wire with grounding safety plug, please inset the plug into the safe outlet when using the tool. The plug shouldn't be changed arbitrarily. 
In order to protect safety of persons and property , make sure to place the tool safely when it works normally. You should placed on stand when the tool is not used. Be careful of high temperature when the socket fusion welding machine works normally. In order to avoid hurt the skin , you must wear gloves when operating or changing welding sockets&spigots. 
The welder is designed for heating and joining plastic pipes & fittings including PPR, PB and HDPE via heated aluminum sockets and spigots. The individual tools are composed of quality electric heating plate, electric controller and comfortable nylon plastic handle shell. The sets come complete with sockets and spigots, the socket fusion tool and a metal carring case.

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