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  • 20-63 mm 2″ Socket Fusion Welding Machine

    63MM Window Top Display Digital Socket Fusion Welding Machine LED Window Temperature Display  Normal Color: Green/Bule/Orange/Red Brand Name: FUYI TOOLS /OEM  Different Material Pipes and Fittings Fusion Temperature: PP-R 260ºC PB 240ºC HDPE 220ºC Digital Socket Fusion i...
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  • New Design Electrofusion Welding Machine

    This Electrofusion Welding Machine Designed by our team HANGZHOU FUYI TOOLS CO.,LTD. The electrofusion welder with a patent.  Product Description  FYEFM200 Electrofusion Welding Machine using advanced PID control technology, making the device output more stable and relia...
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  • Sockets for PP

    Sockets for PP pipes and fittings. There are  6 sizes 40mm , 50mm ,63mm, 90mm , 100mm, 150mm. The sockets with Japanese Daikin PTFE  coating.  It’s non-stick. There are 3 layered coating. It’s more smooth and durable.  The material of sockets are aluminum ADC12.  There are socket f...
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  • RoHS certificate for Socket Fusion Welding Machine

    RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances, and impacts the entire electronics industry and many electrical products as well.  EU RoHS specifies maximum levels for the following 10 restricted substances. The first six applied to the original RoHS while the last four were added under RoHS...
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  • Best Socket Fusion Welding Machine in 2020

    There are many socket fusion welding machine factories and trading companies. Sometimes it’s hard to choose. If you’re a wholesaler , sometimes you will consider how about the quality ? How about their price ? How about their warranty and after-sales service ? Can they delivery the goods on...
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  • Most popular socket fusion welding machine colours

    Socket fusion welding machine for joining plastic pipes and fittings. For support on the building site or in the workshop. The socket welder are composed of aluminum heating plate , electric controller , comfortable nylon handle etc. There are 2 series with different size and operation for meetin...
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  • Thank you to all the plumbers

    Totally agree with this good message from Bryce Malone. We are very grateful for medical professionals in these times of Coronavirus Disease 2019. All medical professionals and volunteer are heros. At this moment I want to thanks plumbers , you are heros too. When read t...
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  • New Digital Rod Welder 600W

    Digital Rod Welder 600W  Item No.: FYD32 New design for professionals rod heating element. Most rod welder in the market are mechanical thermostat, we design it to digital.  The rod welder allow operation in very narrow space and you can install three adaptors at once. “RDY” and ̶...
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  • How to use digital socket fusion welding machine

    The socket fusion welding machine for joining pipes and fittings. There are two series in our factory. One is constant temperature socket fusion welding machine , set temperature 260°C , it’s for fusion welding PPR pipes and fittings. The other is digital socket fusion welding machine. You can a...
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  • The fighting force will our effective driving force

         An infectious disease called “Novel Coronavirus Infection Outbreak Pneumonia” has occurred in Wuhan, China. It is a kind of contagious virus that originates from animals and can be transmitted from person to person. When the infected person coughs or sneezes, the coronavirus will...
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  • Heat Insulation Jacket for Termofusor FUYI TOOLS

    Heat Insulation Jacket for termofusor  The heating plate and sockets are very hot after using ,if you haven’t time to wait for cooling down , you can put on this protector heat , it can insulate 500°C, so you can take it immediately.   
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  • Depth Gauge Tool of Termofusor

    Mark the welding depth on the joining end of pipe. Most persons will use the tape measures. Firstly check the operation manual, according to the fusion standards table to measure the welding depth for socket fusion.  Somebody will use measuring pad , but most measuring p...
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