Repairing Sockets

Repairing Sockets

Item No.: FY-RPS-7

Item No.: FY-RPS-9

Item No.:FY-RPS-11

There are three sizes 7MM , 9MM and 11MM.

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  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 piece
  • Supply Ability: 50000PCS/Monthly
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    Pipe Hole Repair Set:

    Pipe accidently damaged by drilling , nail or screws , it can be repaired by means of pipe repairing set. It can reduced damage to walls or tiles.
    Necessary Tools:

    Fusion welding machine, pipe cutter , electric drill , piece of fabric or napkin for degreasing, scoket for repair stick , repair stick with 7mm ,9mm and 11mm diameter ends.


    Repairing Steps as following:

    1.Check the hole size. Damagedhole must be drilled again, the hole with diameter less than 6mm must bedrilled with 6mm drill and the hole with diameter from 6.5mm to 7.5mm must bedrilled with 8mm drill. The hole with diameter from 8.5mm to 9.5mm must bedrilled with 10mm drill.

    2.Clean repair position with thepiece of fabric or napkin. The welding surface must clean and dry. Make surethat the water from the pipe is not in direct contact with the repairing area.

    3.Choose the right repair stick,wait the working temperature reach (260°± 2°C ). Push therepair stick into the sockets , the special sockets into the pipe. Heat thehole and the stick for 5 seconds.
    4.  Take out the repair stick andremove the welder from the pipe, insert the heated repair stick into the heatedhole without turning. Wait for 15 seconds.
    5.  When the joint cools down, cutoff the rest repair stick ad keep it. The repair stick can be used on next time.


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